Under the Radar: China’s Coercive Air Power in the Taiwan Strait
March 9, 2018
Hard-Charging Chinese Energy Tycoon Falls From Xi Government’s Graces
March 14, 2018

The Secretive China Energy Giant That Faces Scrutiny

By: Bloomberg QuickTake, with assistance by Simon Lee, Jonathan Browning, Alfred Cang, Keith Zhai, Thomas Wilson, Alan Katz, Stephen Stapczynski, Blake Schmidt, Judy Chen, Heng Xie, Steven Yang, and Emma Dong. | BLOOMBERG NEWS |

CEFC China Energy Co.’s rapid ascent was shrouded in mystery and speculation swirled that the company and its chairman, Ye Jianming, were connected to China’s military. The Chinese conglomerate’s deals, debt and management are now coming under increasing scrutiny. …

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