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March 21, 2018
Tensions rise over Taiwan Strait as U.S. and China harden positions
April 9, 2018

White Warships and Little Blue Men: The Looming “Short, Sharp War” in the East China Sea over the Senkakus

By: James E. Fanell and Kerry K. Gershaneck |

China claims Japan’s Senkaku Islands and vows to seize them in a “short, sharp war,” if necessary. China’s successful seizure of the islands would shatter the Japan-America security alliance and severely undermine U.S. credibility. This study examines China’s attack campaign by tracing its territorial claims to the East China Sea and by addressing its Senkakus campaign doctrine, the military and paramilitary forces it will employ, how the campaign will unfold, the timing of the attack, how China might counter U.S. intervention, and steps the United States and Japan should take to deter it.