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August 14, 2018
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August 27, 2018

A Message from our Chairman: U.S. Support for Taiwan

By: Richard Armitage |

The People’s Republic of China continues a sophisticated, coercive campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), its government, its laws, and its people. For over 60 years, the United States has played an important role in ensuring Taiwan’s security. We remain committed to Taiwan, to its democracy, and to its 23 million citizens who deserve respect, dignity, and a strong presence in the international community.

Reflecting its own “Cold War mentality” the Chinese Communist Party’s intransigence in recognizing the political legitimacy of Taiwan remains one of the most significant obstacles to regional peace and stability. It can be expected that the authorities in Beijing will increase reliance on coercive persuasion to accelerate its international isolation of Taiwan. The United States should consider expanding interactions with Taiwan, within the framework of our existing U.S. One China policy, to support the values of a true, free and open Indo-Pacific region. Like Japan, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other countries, Taiwan should be free from coercion and afforded its right to protect its sovereignty and the livelihood of its citizens.

The Honorable Richard L. Armitage
The Project 2049 Institute
The Project 2049 Institute is appreciative of President Tsai Ing-wen’s kind and thoughtful words in response to our Chairman’s message.