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January 8, 2020
When Xi Met Suu Kyi: China Embraces Myanmar as Western Nations Pull Back
January 17, 2020

Should Taiwanese Missiles Target Beijing?

(Source: The "Taipei Times.")

By: Ian Easton | TAIPEI TIMES |

For many years, China’s propaganda outlets have broadcast videos of military units attacking Taiwan. … Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media scare tactics have been accompanied by a massive military buildup. They are given further credibility by Chairman Xi Jinping (ç¿’è¿‘å¹³), who has made strident anti-Taiwan remarks and severed diplomatic channels with the island. Taken as a whole, China’s actions have served to destabilize the Taiwan Strait. This geographic area is fast becoming the most dangerous potential flashpoint on the planet…

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By: Ian Easton | TAIPEI TIMES |