A Message from our Chairman: Response to Release of Australia’s “2020 Defence Strategic Update” and “2020 Force Structure Plan”
July 10, 2020
Special Report: China Expands its Amphibious Forces in Challenge to U.S. Supremacy Beyond Asia
July 20, 2020

Taiwan Strives to Bolster Forces in Response to Beijing Sabre-Rattling

(Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen has pledged to reform the country’s reserve force in her second term. Source: "Reuters"/ The "Financial Times.")

By: Kathrin Hille | FINANCIAL TIMES | 

Analysts say Taipei’s best bet at deterring an invasion is to bolster its reserves[.] … “These young men are a latent capability that could make a tremendous difference,” said Ian Easton, an expert on the Taiwanese military at the Project 2049 Institute[.] … “If they were invaded, the reserve would be one of their greatest hopes.” … 

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