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August 15, 2020
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China Holds Trio of Military Drills, Including in South China Sea

(A Chinese nuclear-powered Jin-class ballistic missile submarine is shown during an exercise in the South China Sea, April 12, 2018. Source:"Reuters.")

By: Drake Long | RADIO FREE ASIA |

China’s military is holding three separate naval exercises and live-fire drills simultaneously this week, with one of them covering parts of the South China Sea disputed between China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. … â€œThere are many ways to interpret exercises like these,” [Ian Easton] said. â€œIt could be the case they represent nothing other than routine training drills planned many months ago, and they are being played up by the CCP Propaganda Department for strategic psychological warfare purposes,” he said, referring to the Chinese Communist Party. But Easton added another possibility: “The PLA could be getting its forces ready for a future war.” … 

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