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October 7, 2020
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China Uncensored | China Taiwan Invasion: How Likely Is It Now?

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By: Ian Easton and Chris Chappell | CHINA UNCENSORED |

On October 13th, China Uncensored interviewed Ian Easton on the likelihood of an imminent Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Watch the full video titled “China Taiwan Invasion: How Likely Is It Now?” below:

CHRIS CHAPPELL: … The Chinese Communist Party said it would be ready to retake Taiwan by 2020. … I guess there’s a few months left, but how likely do you think that is now?

IAN EASTON: Well, I think, happily, they’re not ready, or if they are, they’ve decided that they’re going to delay a potential attack on Taiwan; certainly, by this time of the year, if they have not already mobilized, if they’re not already prepared to launch amphibious fleets, and they’re not, then their window of opportunity has closed. And so Taiwan is not safe from a potential conflict, of course, because there’s a lot of other things that the Chinese Communist Party could do, but they are safe from invasion…

For more on this topic, Senior Director Ian Easton was also featured in China Uncensored’s podcast, China Unscripted. Listen to the podcast interview titled “Is War with China Inevitable?” on their YouTube channel.

Watch the full video on the China Uncensored YouTube channel.
Watch and listen to the full podcast on the China Unscripted YouTube channel.