Taiwan Key to Freedom of Indo-Pacific: Former U.S. Defense Official
October 20, 2020
Trump Arms Sales to Taiwan Boost Anti-China ‘Hedgehog’ Strategy
October 27, 2020

To Thwart Invasion, Taiwan Points Powerful New Missiles at Chinese Bases

(A U.S. Army High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System Launches an Army Tactical Missile System rocket. Source: "U.S. Army.")

By: David Axe | FORBES |

Taiwan is stocking air- and ground-launched rockets that, in the event of war with China, could pummel Chinese invasion forces before they even leave their bases. … Beijing long has planned to lob hundreds or even thousands of missiles at Taiwan as a prelude to any invasion. Now Taiwan aims to lob its own missiles right back. “HIMARS and SLAM-ER are cutting-edge and will diversify and improve the capacity of Taiwan’s counter-strike missile force,” said Ian Easton, a Taiwan expert with the Project 2049 Institute in Virginia…

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