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November 2, 2020
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November 22, 2020

Taiwan’s Overall Defense Concept, Explained

(In this file photo released by Taiwan’s Military News Agency, Taiwan war planes are parked on a highway during an exercise to simulate a response to a Chinese attack on its airfields in Changhua in southern Taiwan. Source: "Military News Agency" via the "Associated Press.")

By: Admiral (ret.) Lee Hsi-min and Eric Lee | THE DIPLOMAT |

At a time of growing assertiveness in Beijing’s foreign policy and growing risk of cross-strait military conflict, getting Taiwan’s defense strategy right is more essential than ever. In the face of an existential threat and uncertain U.S. military support, Taiwan must enhance its self-defense capabilities by implementing and institutionalizing the Overall Defense Concept (ODC). The ODC is Taiwan’s current strategy for dealing with a potential Chinese invasion in a resource-constrained environment…

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