Memo to the Next President: The Inheritance in the Indo-Pacific and the Challenges and Opportunities for Your Presidency
December 1, 2020
The Inheritance in the Indo-Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities for the Next President
December 2, 2020

Taiwan Is Building Eight New Submarines—They Alone Could Destroy A Chinese Invasion Fleet

(The 'Zwaardvis'-class submarine ROCS 'Hai Lung' surfaces near a Republic of China Navy frigate. Source: "Republic of China Navy.")

By: David Axe | FORBES |

Taiwan has begun building its first new submarines in a generation. And when the boats enter service starting around 2025, they could help to tilt the balance of power across the Taiwan Strait—toward Taipei. … Even just eight boats could deter a Chinese invasion force by threatening it with total destruction. “Their counter-coercive value should not be underestimated,” said Mark Stokes…

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