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The Bottom Line | Will Biden’s Anti-China Alliance Work?

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By: Randall G. Schriver and Steve Clemons | THE BOTTOM LINE |

On March 18th, Al Jazeera English interviewed Chairman Randall G. Schriver on U.S.-China strategy in the early months of the Biden administration. Watch the full video titled “Will Biden’s Anti-China Alliance Work? | The Bottom Line” below:



STEVE CLEMONS:Now we’re at an inflection point politically, but when it comes to these strategic questions [in the U.S.-China relationship], is there continuity [between the Trump and Biden administrations]? What is going to continue? What needs to be changed?

RANDALL G. SCHRIVER:Our policy is being driven by China’s growth, its behavior, the pressure they’re putting on allies and friends, and we are responding to that to try and preserve the free and open qualities of the region, and so I do think there will be more continuity [from the Biden Administration]…

Watch the full video on the Al Jazeera YouTube channel.