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March 24, 2021
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March 30, 2021

Chinese Aerial Armada with Bombers, Fighters, and More Filled Airspace Near Taiwan

(An archived photo of a PLA H-6K bomber armed with KD-63 cruise missiles, released by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense. Source: "Taiwan Ministry of Defense.")

By: Thomas Newdick | THE DRIVE |

No fewer than 20 Chinese People’s Liberation Army aircraft flew within Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone today, in a significant expansion of activity within this area, which covers most of the highly volatile Taiwan Strait. … In his 2017 book, The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan’s Defense and American Strategy in Asia, Ian Easton cited official Chinese military documents that indicated that, in time of war, PLA aircraft would focus their initial attention on “important command and control centers, early-warning radars, airstrips, and air defense batteries.” …

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