Taiwan Invasion Unlikely For Now – But There Are Other Ways China Can Turn The Screw
April 13, 2021
The Gloves Are Off When It Comes to Taiwan
April 16, 2021

Is China Really About to Invade Taiwan?

(Taiwan is stepping up its preparedness as it faces an escalating number of incursions into its airspace by Chinese aircraft. Source: Ritchie B. Tongo / "EPA.")

By: Erin Hale | AL JAZEERA |

Admiral John Aquilino recently told a Senate Armed Services committee that taking Taiwan is a “number one” priority for China’s Communist Party, while U.S. Asia Pacific commander Philip Davidson has said publicly that China could invade in the next six years. … “The (Chinese Communist Party’s) hopes for unification with Taiwan have been clear for decades, and … Xi Jinping has made clear during his term that use of force is on the table,” said Eric Lee…

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