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June 11, 2021
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June 28, 2021

An Invasion Isn’t the Only Threat from China that Taiwan and the U.S. Have to Worry About

(A Chinese army armored personnel carrier during the Seaborne Assault contest at Russia's 2017 International Army Games, August 9, 2017. Source: "Sergei Orlov\TASS" via "Getty Images.")

By: Benjamin Brimelow | BUSINESS INSIDER |

Much of the focus has been on military preparations for deterring or fighting off a Chinese invasion. While essential, that focus misses an important threat short of a full-scale invasion: a blockade. … “The best way to deter a potential Chinese attack on Taiwan is to prepare for it, and to make it clear to Beijing and specifically Xi Jinping that it would be really dangerous to do it,” [said] Ian Easton…

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