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September 6, 2021
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Taiwan Insider | September 16, 2021

(Standing with Lithuania and Taiwan against China bullying. Source: "Radio Taiwan International English.")

By: Ian Easton and StaÅ› Butler | RADIO TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL |

On September 16th, Taiwan Insider interviewed Ian Easton on Taiwan’s defense strategy and preparations for a potential Chinese invasion. Watch the full video titled “#StandWithTaiwan #StandWithLithuania | Taiwan Insider | September 16, 2021 | RTI” below:

STAÅš BUTLER: … As someone based in Washington … how do you view the likelihood of a Chinese attack on Taiwan?” 

IAN EASTON: The indicators that we do have available to us, a growing number of those suggest that a crisis, if not a conflict, is probably coming. Now, the question is when it will come, when China will attack, and that’s unknowable, but certainly the intention seems to be there… 

Watch the full video on the Radio Taiwan International English YouTube channel.