ICYMI: CESI Chairman Randy Schriver and Commissioner Nazak Nikakhtar on “China’s Economic Tools for Exploitation”
May 26, 2023
ICYMI: CESI Commissioner Nazak Nikakhtar Participates in China Select Committee’s “Thunderdome Debate”
July 21, 2023

ICYMI: CESI Vice Chairman Dan Blumenthal on “China’s Technology Strategy”

Yesterday, CESI’s Vice Chairman, Dan Blumenthal, alongside Derek Scissors, a Senior Fellow at AEI, released a new report on “China’s Technology Strategy: Leverage Before Growth.” Blumenthal and Scissors argue that technology is central China’s long-term strategy and will pose a threat to the global economy if the U.S. fails to “blunt China’s predation” of American companies. To stay ahead of the curve, the authors recommend that the U.S. must be willing to take difficult but necessary steps to stop funding Chinese enterprises, protect intellectual property, and empower America’s most innovative firms to maintain a decisive technological advantage.

Read the report here!