ICYMI: CESI Commissioner Nazak Nikakhtar Participates in China Select Committee’s “Thunderdome Debate”
July 21, 2023

Sheena Chestnut-Greitens on “Xi’s Security Obsession”

Last week, CESI Commissioner Sheena Chestnut-Greitens published a new article in Foreign Affairs on Xi Jinping’s grand strategy that seeks to preserve the CCP’s regime security – both at home and abroad. As geopolitical tensions rise, she argues that Xi is having to increasingly rely on employing “assertive means abroad” to protect CCP interests, a strategy that could fuel an “escalatory cycle” perpetuating Xi’s concerns. To get ahead of this threat, she warns that time is of the essence for the U.S. to develop a “proactive strategy” that offers a viable alternative to China’s “revisionist approach,” or else lose this window of opportunity for good.

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