Air Power Trends in Northeast Asia: Implications for Japan and the U.S.-Japan Alliance
August 29, 2011
New DF-31A ICBM Brigade in Hunan?
September 9, 2011

Asian Alliances in the 21st Century

By: Dan Blumenthal with Randall Schriver, Mark Stokes, Russell Hsiao, and Michael Mazza |

Washington’s policy since the Nixon administration has been to welcome China into the international system. Beijing has accepted the invitation but, unfortunately, has also chosen to engage in a military competition with the United States that is undermining the post-World War II system from which China itself has greatly benefited. Competition need not lead to conflict. There are alternative futures that Washington has the power and influence to create for its own and its allies’ common interests. Washington’s greatest advantage is a set of highly capable allies. Now is the time to help these alliances become greater than the sum of their parts.