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May 15, 2021
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China Unscripted | #119 The War for Taiwan Has Already Begun

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By: Ian Easton and Chris Chappell | CHINA UNSCRIPTED |

On May 24th, China Unscripted interviewed Ian Easton on the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party towards Taiwan. Watch the full video titled “#119 The War for Taiwan Has Already Begun” below:

CHRIS CHAPPELL: … Lately, what’s been in the news a lot is whether or not there’s going to be a war over Taiwan. But I think that’s actually framing it wrong; I think the war for Taiwan has already begun[.] … China has been increasingly aggressive in its flyovers of Taiwan. What’s been driving this increased aggression?

IAN EASTON: That’s a really good question and I think you’re right. There’s this war of nerves that’s going on right now and when you think about this recent international interest everyone has paid towards Taiwan’s defense and this talk in the international media that is long overdue. … The good news is that there’s no high likelihood of an invasion in the near term, but the bad news is that over the long term, we’re likely to see a political-military crisis here and potentially even an all out war…

Watch the full video on the China Unscripted YouTube channel.