China Unscripted | #119 The War for Taiwan Has Already Begun
May 24, 2021
Are War Clouds On The Horizon?
May 31, 2021

Why a Taiwan Invasion Would Look Nothing Like D-Day

(The first team of Taiwan artillerywomen poses for the press during the annual Han Kuang exercises in Pingtung County, southern Taiwan. Source: "AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying.")

By: Ian Easton | THE DIPLOMAT |

Every year on June 6, the United States and its NATO allies commemorate the anniversary of D-Day, the daring amphibious assault on France’s Normandy region that helped bring down Nazism and liberated Western Europe. Today, commentators frequently draw parallels between D-Day and an imagined Chinese invasion of Taiwan. But such comparisons are wrong…

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