U.S. Will Learn Lesson From Afghanistan and Bolster Support for Taiwan, Expert Says
August 20, 2021
Talking Points with David Zhang | Ian Easton: An Invasion of Taiwan Would Be Nothing Like We’ve Seen in Modern Warfare
August 25, 2021

Chinese Regime ‘Dreams of Emulating the Taliban,’ Taiwan Says

(Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu attends a news conference in Taipei, Taiwan, on Aug, 21, 2018. Source: "Reuters"/"Stringer.")


Taiwan’s foreign minister accused the regime in Beijing on Aug. 21 of wanting to follow in the Taliban’s footsteps by seizing control of the democratic island, saying the island has no desire to be subjected to communist rule. …

Ian Easton … said he doesn’t believe that the United States would simply cast Taiwan aside. … “It is absolutely critical for the United States that Taiwan continues to survive and thrive as a free and open democracy,” Easton said…

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