A Message from our Chairman: Statement on the Launch of CESI
September 27, 2022
Chairman Randall G. Schriver Joins Aaron MacLean on the School of Warfare Podcast
October 18, 2022

Chairman Randall G. Schriver and Dan Blumenthal: A Turning Point in Competition with China

On October 6th, the Project 2049 Institute hosted a webinar featuring CESI Chairman Randall G. Schriver, CESI Vice Chairman Dan Blumenthal, and guest speaker from the Wilson Center’s Geoeconomics and Indo-Pacific Enterprise, Shihoko Goto, for a timely discussion on the recent turning point in U.S.-China competition. During the conversation, Chairman Schriver formally introduced the launch of CESI and the unique role the Initiative plans to play in helping United States policymakers develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to compete with China in the economic arena.