CESI Commissioner Matt Pottinger Testifies at the China Select Committee
March 1, 2023
ICYMI: CESI Chairman Randy Schriver and Commissioner Nazak Nikakhtar on “China’s Economic Tools for Exploitation”
May 26, 2023

Latest Article: U.S. Needs a “Cold War” Strategy for China

Source: National Interest

Check out this new piece by CESI’s very own Chairman and Vice Chairman in the National Interest on why “America Needs a New ‘Cold War’ Strategy for China.” America’s China policy has changed substantially during the Trump and Biden era, but as the authors point out, “a comprehensive strategy that organizes and coordinates America’s considerable policy tools to achieve victory still does not exist – especially in the economic arena.” A strategy with objectives is a fundamental requirement for success, and in the case of China, the authors are clear that strategy must start with targeted decoupling, optimizing the U.S. bureaucracy and legal system for competition, and building alternative economic power centers with like-minded allies and partners.

You can read the article here.